Last Updated: May 5th, 2019

Top 10 Best Baby Carriers for Breathfeeding in 2019

You know you already an adult when you get enthusiastic when talking about baby carriers. That’s really an overstatement. But it is really relatable. When we grow old and decided to tie the knot or move on the next level of our lives, to the chapter of having babies, then there’s indeed a change in our whole perspective.

Now, let’s not keep running around the bush. Here are now our pick as best baby carriers for breastfeeding.

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1. LILLEbaby SIX-Position Baby Carrier

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The best thing about this product
aside from its reasonable price is its convenience. With this product, you are
capable of carrying your baby into six different positions depending on which
is more comfortable for you and for your baby. The choice is yours.

The product is designed not only
for babies but even for parents, to give focus on comfort, style, and
innovation. It also comes with its different and unique features such as its
temperature-control panel which makes it breathable for babies, it won’t really
choke your babies or made them feel hot especially if you carry them for a long
time using a baby carrier.

Furthermore, the fabric being used
is cozy and super soft. It won’t irritate your baby’s delicate skin. Some
products can really cause skin irritation and rashes for babies which as a
parent we never wanted to happen.

2. Ergobaby Carrier

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This 360 all carry positions baby carrier is the best you could have if you are planning to upgrade.

This one is very ergonomic, the
name really suits its product. Very comfortable for even for big babies. There
is as well a wrap-around waistband for you which not only add up to its
convenience. It is its very useful feature because it as well gives back and
the lower body support for you.

The shoulder wraps measure 28 to 48
inches which makes it easier for you to adjust the wrap for a more comfortable
position in carrying your baby.

Another very considerable design of
this product is its features which allow your baby to be easily positioned when
you wanted to give him a breastfeed. It as well has a hood which serves as good
protection for your baby against harsh wind and dust.

3. Clevr Deluxe Baby Backpack

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This product is very ideal for
children aging 6 months to 48 months old. One thing we love about this item is
that it has many pockets. It is really useful when you have so much stuff with
you, with this baby carrier item, there is a place for your tablet, phone,
snacks, wallet, and your other stuff! There are even a mini backpack and
retractable canopy which will serve as a great shield for your baby for sunny

This item is really sturdy but at
the same time made of a lightweight metal frame which is really trouble-free.
You can have its metal stands sit up and you can find no trouble in folding it
when you’re done using it.


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This baby carrier can be worn
having your baby facing to you or facing out to you. This is more suitable for
newborn babies up to approximately 12 months old.

It is impressive that this item was
designed to give better support for your baby’s head, neck, spine, and hips. It
is small in size thus manageable and very easy to use.

Since this item is designed by
pediatricians, then it is no doubt that it should be on the list of our best
baby carriers for breastfeeding.

5. Piggyback Rider
Scout Model

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This is a perfect carrier for
toddlers aging 2 to 4 years old. It can be useful for outdoor activities you
are planning to do with your family such as hiking, trekking, camping or

This piggyback rider carrier has a
safety harness for your child which can hold a child weighing 50 lbs or
surprisingly more.

The item is paradoxically
lightweight and durable for its size. You will surely love this item especially
if you love to take on to adventures with your kids without taking less consideration
of the safety measures.

6. Infantino Cuddle Up

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This product is capable of carrying
your baby weighing 12 to 40 pounds. It is as well very secured for your babies
and has a removable hood with a cute design. Your kid will surely enjoy this

It is a practical choice especially
for someone out there who is at a very tight budget. This is just an affordable
item which does not take the quality for granted just because it is much
cheaper than the other brands.

The material is thick which is perfect
for cold seasons to prevent your babies from catching a fever.

7. Bebamour New
Style Designer Sling and Baby Carrier

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This one is not only loved by
mommies but even by daddies out there. You can carry your baby into six
different positions with this item. Three positions as a baby carrier and three
positions available as a single seat.

In the single-seat, you can
position your baby facing in or facing out and on horizontal ways perfect for
breastfeeding time.

It has very useful features such as
its baby drool and teething pad, it is very friendly for babies and the
materials and fabrics being used, it is safe and soft. There’s a sleeping bag
accompanied with it, a foldable baby hip seat carrier which you can use for
breastfeeding positions.

This is indeed one of the best baby

8. Baby K’tan Wrap Sling

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This is made of cotton and ready to wear baby-carrier. Its design is very practical and easy to adapt. You can carry your baby using this wrap into different carrying positions without
having troubles and confusion with how it really works.

It is also easy to clean and convenient. This can be used by moms on a daily basis hassle-free.

9. Infantino GoForward Evolved Ergonomic Carrier

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Another one of the best item thatvshould be on our list. With this product, you are capable of carrying your young into four different positions. It has an adjustable fit which is
adaptable to any kind of body types.

And what you will surely love about this item is its price! We are so concern with the price, yes, it is inevitable because as parents we really look for a product that is budget-friendly but
with standard quality.

10. Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

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It is suitable for infants with
8-32 pounds. It as well comes with a wonderful cover to be used as a
protection. And this item is machine washable so no need to really exert more
effort in cleaning your baby carrier because it is undeniable that we really
put so much effort on that thing. We want a clean and hygienic thing to be used
to our babies and it is understandable.

It as well has convenient pockets
where you can put your things. Unlike with other products, this item here
doesn’t need an infant insert, the straps can be tightened enough just good for
newborn babies to carry around without hurting their back and neck.

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