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The Best Heavy Duty Digging Forks in 2018

Searching for the best in heavy duty digging forks? Typically, a heavy duty stainless steel and rugged digging forks are the ideal tools to handle the biggest gardening chores. All we need in the best heavy duty digging fork is superior strength for maximum penetration into the soil without much effort. Here is a list of 5 of the best gardening heavy duty digging forks that you can use to groom and shape your garden or lawn.

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A List of the Best Heavy Duty Digging Forks in 2018

1. The Radius Garden 25302 Pro-Lite Digging Fork

This carbon steel digging fork with an ergonomic design is ideal for cultivating, shucking sod and debris found in soil as well as digging all sorts of tubers. The fork sports a fiberglass shaft with tines made of heavy carbon duty steel and with its circular grip handle; the Radius garden fork has a much larger surface gripping area than the more traditional D shaped handles found with digging forks. The handle grip is made from a thermoplastic elastomer that is non latex making it easy to grip and reduces the strain and stress caused to the wrist and hand by allowing a two handed grip that increases your leverage as you cultivate.

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2. The Broadfork Garden Hand Tiller

This is one of the few heavy digging forks that is all steel and yet is light to use. It is perfect for weeding and harvesting; with it you can root out those hard to reach root weeds as well has harvest vegetables such as potatoes and carrots in no time at all. This digging fork enables you to till the soil in an efficient manner, digging up nutrients that are all round healthy for your garden allowing all forms of microorganisms and worms to flourish in your garden. This in turn ensures that your plants grow with all the necessary ingredients to provide you with a bountiful harvest.

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3. Ergonomic 6 Tines Forged Pitch Fork

This digging fork is designed for professional use, those working on ranches search for digging forks with durability, this is it. This fork is a forged one piece tines with a head, designated as heavy duty professional quality and a contractor’s choice with pure steel forged heads with a fiber glass handle and an overall length of 63”. This is one of the heavy duty digging forks that is for commercial or industrial use that is perfect for ground preparation and double digging.

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4. The Long Handled Digging Fork

This is a heavy duty fork that can work on any condition of soils, with four times forged from a single sheet of steel; the fork provides all the strength necessary for your gardening needs. The fork will maintain its shape no matter the rough condition of the soil you are working with; it is great for loosing soil, breaking through clods and wadding through weeds. With a Beech wood handle, this fork seeks to reduce the energy and effort expended in turning soil therefore providing you with a ready to plant garden or field.

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5. The Garden Digging Fork

Arguably, this is one of the heavy duty digging forks that is built to last for years. It is the most reliable fork for digging potatoes and cultivating soil. The steel tines provide the strength required to dig into the soil with the least effort used. You can use it to raise beds, cultivate soil, break ground and even heap compost onto your garden soil. With a D shaped handle, this garden fork is made of aircraft tubing and has a 5 year warranty against breakage.

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The heavy digging fork is one of the garden tools to have for most us. Therefore if you are searching for the best heavy duty digging fork for your garden duties, this is the list of forks that you should consider. Our advice is that buying the durable fork that will last years or generations. After all, the best heavy duty digging fork will be your best gardening companion each and everyday. So it’s a good idea to invest in a high quality product that lasts.

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