Top 10 Best Standing Desk Floor Mats in 2018

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Long hours of standing can have a bad influence on your health. To avoid permanent damage, here are the best standing desk floor mats available.

Demanding the best things available is not a sign of narcissistic behavior. It means that you are aware of your qualities and that the results of your work are here to make a statement. Since modern culture pushes us to the limits, few people can take proper care of health, especially in the office. To amend this, here are the best standing desk floor mats available on the market.

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Best standing desk floor mats for home office or kitchen in 2018

1. Air Mat Anti Fatigue Mat

If there is something which stands out this mat is its versatility. From Air Mat, this one stands from other standing desk floor mats because of its broad usability. No matter if you put it in your kitchen, standing desk, or garage, it can take everything you throw at it. It is 3/4″ thick which is more than enough to give your feet gentle, yet firm support.
Also, its round edges are made in such fashion that there are fewer chances to trip over it or to slip on it, even when it is wet.
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2. Cushable Anti-Fatigue Ergonomic Comfort Mat

Again, we have a 3/4″ thick floor mat, which is excellent for those who love the natural look, since it comes in the design of wood. Nicely shaped edges will provide easy access, while foam will keep your feet rested at all time. Moreover, not all standing desk floor mats are convenient for use with and without shoes, but this one luckily is.

In case that you don’t like what you have bought, you can even return it, since the manufacturer wishes to take a good care of customers.
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3. Homey Brands Anti Fatigue Non-Slip Standing Mat

3/4″ is somewhat a standard, as it seems, since this is another standing mat with this thickness. However, this model features lined surface which increases friction, so slipping is out of the question. Its lower surface is what separates it from other standing desk floor mats since it has an incredibly good grip so that it can be used even next to a shower.
Also, the manufacturer gives a towel for cleaning, free of charge!
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4. CumulusPRO Commercial Couture

While other standing desk floor mats are intended for general use, this one is oriented more toward business users. Hence the design which will fit your office without a problem. It is slightly thicker than the rest of the competition, so it is ideal for those who are looking for better support. Also, the manufacturer will accept return whenever you decide. So, if you are not pleased, return it!
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5. Butterfly Long Kitchen

It may have “kitchen” in its title, but this mat is perfect for whichever place you want to use it. Its butterfly-shaped surface is excellent if you love to work barefoot since it will provide mild massage of your tired feet. As for the thickness, it is 3/4″, as others standing desk floor mats on this list. However, it is slightly bigger in length and wideness, so you may consider it if you have a long desk.
This manufacturer as well gives a lifetime warranty.
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6. Sky Mat, Comfort Anti Fatigue

Do you wish to choose colors and design and still to have one great mat? If the answer is yes, then this one is for you. Featuring small notches for massaging of tired feet, this model will provide excellent support. And don’t think that support will lack because it may seem thinner than other standing desk floor mats. It remains competitive. Wide arrange of colors are there to give you freedom of choice!
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7. Butterfly Ergonomic Non-Flat Standing Desk Mat

This model is specially designed for businessman and woman. It has a bit unusual shape, and
since it sports areas with spots for massaging, it will simply make you to move your feet while standing, to make the blood circulation better. Of course, if you like it much, you can put one
in your kitchen as well. Other standing desk floor mats have a rectangular shape, but not this one. Fly like a butterfly!

So, there it is. The best available standing desk floor mats there are. Feel free to take these suggestions merely as recommendations, since everyone’s taste is different. Luckily, the majority of manufacturers will not take things lightly, so their approach will be professional, which leaves the choice to you, and your preference. While an adjustable standing desk offers good benefits, a standing desk floor mat makes it even easier and conformable for you. Whether it’s in your office or home, a good standing pad for standing desk tends to encourage you to switch between sit and stand while you do your work.
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