Top 10 Best Small Food Processors in 2018

We believe you will agree with us when we say: finding the right food processor is difficult.

It really is. Choosing between so many different models is almost impossible. But what would you think if I told you that experts have already done all the work for you?

In this review you will find the 10 best small food processors you can buy this year! If you buy one of our suggestions, we are sure you will be thrilled with your choice!

A List of Top 10 Best Small Food Processors in 2018

1. Philips HR1647/03 Avance Collection Hand Blender 700W 220V Food Proccessor

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The Philips HR7778 / 00 kitchen robot combines the superior performance of PowerChop technology with a large number of functions, offering you a decidedly low price for a food processor in its class.

This kitchen robot, in fact, includes 12 accessories with as many as 36 different functions and the pulse function, and this is made possible by the great power and stability of the engine, of 1300 W. It is equipped with three one-touch automatic buttons, which will simplify your approaches with this exceptional food processor.

Thanks to the adjustable speed, you can set the working space according to your needs. The container of this food processor has a capacity of 3.4 litres.

A food processor that will make you a centrifuge, a blender, a double whisk, a juicer, a spatula … but it also has a sharp and robust stainless steel S crescent knife with which you can work any kind of food!

This food processor is equipped with an adjustable XXL disc for slicing (with an adjustable thickness, from 1 mm to 7 mm) plus a reversible XXL disc for slicing or crumbling, together with a metal dough hook.

The Philips HR7778 / 00 kitchen robot will prove to be essential in your kitchen, a true professional ally.

2. Moulinex XF-380E

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Moulinex’s Cuisine Companion is by far the best professional multifunctional kitchen robot you can find.

Equipped with 6 automatic programs for sauces, soups, stews, steamed dishes, pastries and homemade desserts, once purchased the preparation time of your favourite dishes will be drastically reduced!

Various cooking settings will help you maintain control throughout the process, avoiding unpleasant problems. The temperature is adjustable, ranging from a minimum of 30 C to a maximum of 130 C.
It has 12 mix speeds, plus Pulse and Turbo buttons. The container has a capacity of 4.5 l.

But what about the accessories of this food processor? The blade Ultrablade will allow you to cut and mince, the blade to knead bread, pizza and desserts or to chop ice and other foods.

3. Bosch Food Processor For Compact Mixer

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The Bosch Food Processor For Compact Mixer is another great alternative among food processors: if you are undecided about which to choose, the competitive price will convince you. Thanks to the planetary movement 3D MultiMotion Drive, it is an excellent robot for kneading bread, pizza and desserts, avoiding unpleasant problems.

The multifunction arm of the food processor has three attachment points for the accessories: the hard dough hook, the soft dough whisk and the stainless steel whisk that can fit all the ingredients. Whip cream and eggs will no longer be a problem for you!

This food processor will get you home with a stainless steel bowl with anti-splash lid and with a nozzle to insert the ingredients, as well as a cutter with three different discs.

4. Philips HR7761/01 Viva Food Processor

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Let’s move on to another great food processor, always branded by Philips, which you will not want to miss.

This multifunction machine is an enviable performance kitchen robot, among the best in the range: consisting of a compact 3-in-1 system, it has a container with a capacity of 2.1 l. In addition, it will make you a blender and a food processor.
Thanks to PowerChop technology you will have an excellent mincing of hard and soft ingredients.

This kitchen robot is equipped with 10 versatile accessories, able to reach over 28 different functions. Incredible, right? You can also grind the coffee, and with the tools to knead and emulsify you can prepare tasty mayonnaise and whipped cream.

5. Kenwood Multipro Compact Food Processor – FPM260

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It’s not hard to see why the Kenwood Multi Pro FPM260 is among the favourite food processors in customer reviews, and we’re sure it could win you too. The device has a 750-watt motor and is able to perform up to 22 different functions.
The container has a capacity of 2.1 litres, as well as a 1.2-liter glass blender, a juicer, a kneading hook and a whisk with two metal whips.

Thanks to the two different speeds, plus the impulse function, you will be able to make the best use of this food processor, one of the best on the market.
Thanks to its compactness, it is not cumbersome and is, therefore, the perfect ally if you do not have too much space in the kitchen.

In addition, this kitchen robot is simple and easy to clean, but you will not have to give up a multi-function robot that acts as a juicer, kneading blade, double whisk mixer, glass grinder, grater, slicer with two reversible discs for a thickness different (2 or 4 mm).

6. Kenwood FPP220

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The Kenwood FPP220 is a great food processor in the cheaper ranges and is perfect for you if you have a low budget. This obviously does not affect the quality: the engine has a power of 750 watts, and like its other more expensive competitors has 2 speeds plus the pulse function.

Thanks to the In Bowl Drive System, which is the direct-drive motor system, this fantastic multi-purpose kitchen robot is able to increase food processing capacity by 20%, Kenwood promises. And we trust, given the opinions it has received, that designate it as the best economic choice.

The bowl has a capacity of 2.1 litres, and among the various functions, you will find the blades and the disc in stainless steel able to slice and grate any food, an emulsifier for spectacular whipped cream and tasty mayonnaise, a 1.2 blender litres and a spatula. The Interlock system is a guarantee of safety for you!
It is not a professional food processor, but for a cheap robot it does its job very well and will definitely improve your life.

7. Bosch – Compact Food Processor – ( MUZ4MM3)

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Here is a very interesting multifunctional kitchen robot. Bosch has succeeded in giving life to an extraordinary food processor, with as many as 50 different functions!

The engine is 800 Watt (better than many of its 750-watt colleagues, remaining in a low price range), and promises you excellent performance.

But the wonder of the food processor is the MultiLevel6 blade with three double blades, one of the best: perfect for both cutting and grinding.

You will then have a coffee grinder, a spice grinder and an ice crusher, without giving up a useful tool that will chop up the aromatic herbs, sautéed or dried fruit.

8. Kenwood Multipro Food Processor FP959

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One of the best food processors you’ll find around. Kenwood has created, with the FDM781BA model, a valid multi-function.
The engine has a power of 1000 Watts, which helps you cut performance times in half.

This model is also supplied with the In Bowl Drive System – direct drive engine, which increases the working capacity of food by 20%, and is equipped with the Interlock safety system, the best choice for you to cook without risk.
Do not miss the Dual Drive System, along with 8 variable speed settings and the impulse system.

The bowl has a capacity of 3 litres. The blender has the 1.5-liter carafe in thermoresist borosilicate glass, which is a big advantage for you: it is, therefore, resistant to thermal shock, one of the best features. It also has two reversible stainless steel discs for slicing, crumbling and grating.

9. Bosch MCM68861

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The Bosch MCM68861 is the best compact multi-purpose kitchen robot if you need large quantities of food without wasting a salary. The speed is variable and has the pulse and moment function. The power and a greater capacity than other competitors make it an optimal tool for you if you have a family: we think that it is not suitable if you live alone or in pairs, but is the best for larger groups.

  • The engine has a power of 1250 watts
  • The bowl a capacity of 3.9 litres

10. Kenwood Multi Pro FPM250

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We come to a simple, practical and space-saving kitchen robot: the Kenwood Multi Pro FPM250. If the name is familiar to you, it’s because on our list of the best food robots around there is a similar version, the Kenwood Multi Pro FPM260.

Two similar but not the same food processors: compared to the FPM260 multifunctional, its close cousin, the Multi Pro FPM250 lacks the glass chopper, which makes it cheaper.

This food processor still allows you to maintain its functions as a juicer, a kneading blade and a double whisk mixer, as well as a grating disk and two reversible discs for slicing and chopping (2 or 4 mm).

  • The power is always 750 watts and is able to perform up to 22 different functions.
  • The bowl has a capacity of 2.1 litres and the blender (always in a glass!)

Good to Know

It is recommended for you if you do not have any particular ambition as a chef but still want a food processor that can simplify your life without spending too much money. The best food processor among the basic.