Best Personal Alarm Keychains

.What’s your response when your safety is at risk? This may sound pessimistic, right? As you carry out your everyday activities, you may find yourself in an emergency. With these uncertainties, personal alarms have become a necessity. Thankfully, there are a variety of personal safety alarms to choose from. Luckily, personal alarms systems exist as a solution.

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A List Top 10 Best Personal Alarm Keychains for Safety

Vigilant 130 dB Personal Protection Alarm

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Among the most fascinating features of this alarm is the 130dB alarm and an LED light powered by 2 AAA batteries. The alarm is simply activated by pulling the pin and will draw attention to you if you’re in danger. Interestingly, the alarm is equipped with a whistle which acts as a backup. Designed with a keyring for a backpack and purse, it makes it ideal for traveling. Vigilant alarms are largely accepted for their affordable and reliable safety.

Meemoo Personal Alarm

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If you’re looking for a simple and effective personal safety device, Meemoo alarm is your solution. Its 130dB siren produces a loud sound that can distract any attacker. Designed like a keychain, the gadget is fitted with an LED and is powered by LR44 batteries. The simplicity of the device makes it ideal for raising alarm or even scaring away predators.

Taiker Personal Alarm for Women

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Are you looking for a safety alarm that scares away predators or distracts attackers? Taiker alarm is your choice. Its stylish keychain makes it ideal for women. The device features a 140dB alarm that can draw attention to a distance of up to 606.9ft. Another breathtaking feature of this alarm is the LED. These features make this device suitable for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

BASU e-Alarm

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When it comes to personal safety, BASU alarms are worth considering. Its compactness and size make it portable and completely safe for children. The alarm is capable of producing up to 130dB. However, some portions of the tone can fluctuate. To activate the alarm, just pull the pin – pretty simple! BASU e-alarms can operate in temperatures ranging from -100 C to 400 C.

Katana Safety Arc

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Another outstanding system worth considering is Katana Safety Arc. The slim, sleek design of this device allows it to perfectly fit at the back of your smartphone. So, it’s always with you. Katana Safety Arc features 3 layers of defense:

  • The first layer of defense is the alarm system that is triggered by the flick of a finger or a concealed waistband.
  • The second alarm is activated by a silent alert button in situations where a loud sound is not appropriate.
  • The third alarm sends the location of the victim to a list of predetermined contacts.

Lermende Emergency Personal Alarm

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Introducing multi-functional personal safety equipment. The stylish design of Lermende makes it fashionable while providing personal safety. This allows you to remain discreet since the keychain blends with your outfit. The alarm’s sound is great, thanks to 120dB siren. Its small size makes it portable and suitable for any user.

DaCool Personal Alarm

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Another fantastic personal safety alarm to consider is DaCool Personal Alarm. The device can produce loud sound up to 120dB. Upon purchase, you get 2 gadgets in one package (black and orange). In addition to this, it comes with a heavy-duty battery to power LED. The versatile alarm is perfect for the elderly, kids, and night workers.

HUMUTU Safesound Personal Security

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HUMUTU personal alarms are revolutionary in the market. Besides its 130dB sound, these alarms come with thicker copper generators compared to other brands. Once activated, the ear-piercing alarm can draw attention up to a radius of 300 yards and can last up to 40 minutes. The tear-drop design of these personal alarms makes them fashionable. Their simplicity makes them suitable for all users.

TOODOO 130dB Safesound Emergency Alarm

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Looking for a small and convenient personal alarm? Well, Toodoo alarms feature impeccable 130dB sound and are suitable for use anywhere. You can activate it by pulling the ring. The gadget comes with LED illumination, which is useful for night walks and outdoor adventures. What’s more, the emergency alarm has a range of 606.9ft.

Personal Safety Alarm for Women – Ahh!-larm!.

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A matching and stylish accessory is every woman’s favorite. Ahh!-larm! are designed for women who are mindful of their accessories in order to compliment any purse, shoes, or even nails. As usual, the alarm is activated by a tension button triggering a 115dB siren. The device also features a 12-volt battery that can be replaced with ease. With its fast-growing recognition, the alarm is gaining acceptance in the market.