Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights in 2018

Nothing can stop a trespasser at night faster than a good motion sensor light. If somebody is entering your property, the light will detect the movement and illuminate a blinding spotlight to scare them. It will alert you about the presences of the intruders. Here’s our list of the best motion sensor lights for outdoor you should buy.

A List of the Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights in 2018

1. RuggedGrade 1000-Lumen Outdoor Sensor Light

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Light up your hatchway, backyard, garage, and driveway with this outdoor sensor light by the RuggedGrade. With nearly 1000 Lumens, this device can easily shine and scare away any burglar when you are going out.

  • Just set up your solar power cables 10 to 12 feet from this motion sensor
  • No need to change the batteries

2. RAB Lighting STL360H Sensor Light

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The RAB Lighting STL360H is probably one of the most durable motion sensor lights on the market. The manufacturer also integrates its secondary sensors monitor below and behind the light. What’s more, this model helps to protect from the interference of radio frequency and power surges.

  • A 60-foot area of detection in 360 degrees down

3. Maxsa 40218 Motion Sensor LED Spotlight

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The Masa 40218 motion sensor LED light comes with a dual-head design and is powered by solar energy, making it a great choice for illuminating your walkways, garages, decks, and sheds. The dual adjustable heads enable you to secure 2 parts at once.

  • Detect motion from 40 feet
  • 4 0.5-W LED lights can produce up to 160 lumens

4. First Alert PIR725 Motion Sensor Light

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One of the most important features of the First Alert PIR725 motion sensor light is its simple setup. In fact, it screws in an existing light socket so you just need to screw a light bulb to this model. Last but not least, this motion sensor list can be easily carried with you while moving.

  • Convert any indoor fixture to a motion light
  • Detects movement in a 360-degree area, and up to 15 feet

5. Milex 360-Degree LED Spotlight

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If you are looking for a powerful and unobtrusive motion sensor LED light, then this device from Milex can be a perfect choice for your home. Also, it is made of premium and high-impact plastic to ensure that it is not only bright, but also sturdy and last for a long period of time. So whether you want to use it to scare off a burglar or illuminate a dark area, you will appreciate its performance with bright light and advanced sensors.

  • heatproof and waterproof 16 LED outdoor lights

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