Top 10 Best Mechanics Tool Sets in 2018

A mechanic is not a mechanic without a tool set! There are many tool sets, for mechanics who may have varying requirements. A tool set is undoubtedly the most important thing any mechanic will own, thus you should choose a good one!

We are going to discuss 10 of the best mechanics tool sets. The list will help you make an informed choice be it your first tool set, or if you are simply looking for another set of tools. A crucial thing to consider when buying a tool set is the variety. You want a wide variety of tools to cover all possible scenarios. Even if you are only buying a tool set for occasional use we would recommend having the best selection of tools.

A List of Top 10 Best Mechanics Tool Sets in 2018

1. Stanley 73795 210 Piece Chrome Tool Set

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This is probably of the best all-round tool sets available. It is reasonably priced in most places if you shop around and is made of polished chrome. With 210 pieces, including various sockets and driver tools, you will not be disappointed with this set.

2. AmazonBasics 65-Piece Home Repair Kit, Basic Tool Set for Home, Office, Dorm, Apartment with Tool Bag

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This is an ideal tool set for the home or hobbyist mechanic and would make a good second toolkit for a professional mechanic. It comes with a wide variety of tools and a strong carrying case.

3. TENG TOOLS 106 Piece Mixed Drive Socket Set

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This is a toolkit that is designed for heavy-duty users, and this is reflected in the price. It is a high priced toolkit aimed at professionals who are going to be carrying out heavy-duty work. It comes with a good selection of drivers and sockets, including sockets for spark plugs and a complete set of screwdriver pieces.

4. Professional 301 Piece Mechanic’s Tool Kit SAE and Metric

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This is an ideal light tool kit which has a good variety of driver pieces, spanners, pliers and an adjustable wrench. This toolkit even includes a hammer (300g) and a hex key set. This is a very good all-rounder toolkit and is one we would highly recommend for the home and for the average mechanic. The hammer is a nice touch as many of the smaller tool kits do not include hammers.

5. Kamasa – 55702 Mechanics Tool Set 150pc

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This is a heavy-duty tool box, which also includes tools. It includes a wide range of sockets and spanners, drive sockets and other various tools. This tool box has a drawer and is good for the mechanic who wants to keep their toolbox in one place rather than carrying it around.

6. Draper Mechanics Megakit 700 piece tool kit

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This is truly one of the most diverse and versatile kits on offer. Every possible tool you could ever need for any standard job is in this kit. It is supplied in a heavy-duty roller cabinet with individual drawers. This is aimed at serious professionals and power users and is the most expensive tool set in this list.

7. Bahco S138 138 Piece Socket and Mechanical Set

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This tool set is designed for both professionals and domestic use alike. It has a good selection for any mechanic. This would make an ideal second toolkit for the experienced mechanic or a good domestic tool set.

8. WORKPRO W009044A Mechanics Tool Set with 3-Drawer Heavy Duty Metal Box

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Another one of those heavy-duty tool sets. This contains 408-piece tools and is the perfect tool set for the home DIY or a small business. It a great toolkit and all the tools are supplied in a sturdy chest, a great addition to the workshop.

9. Stanley 1-94-668 Socket Set 96 Piece set

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This is a small tool set containing socket sets and driver set. This is ideal for those who want a quality domestic tool kit on a budget, this set will be good enough for any domestic or home DIY setting. This would also be a good set of tools to keep in your car.

10. Crescent CTK170CMP2 Mechanics Tool Set, 170-Piece

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This is another quality RS Pro kit. This is almost the same as the 73 Piece Tool Kit, but includes a couple of additional extra pieces. Ideal for the small business or domestic user, an ideal kit to keep in your garage.

Good to Know

The above tool sets are in our opinion some of the best mechanics tool sets. From domestic use to the serious mechanic whose tools are his life and daily bread, these best mechanics tool sets will have you covered.