The Best LED Light Bulbs

Do you know how much you have a bulb in your sweet home? How much do they spend? LED light bulbs will save you up to 80%. The advantage of led bulbs is reflected for the same amount of light produced. To savings in electricity, the best LED light bulbs also have a longer life expectancy. What the top rated LED light bulb for home you can buy this year?

Best Led Flame Light Bulbs for Living Room

A smart device like a Google Home is changing how we live in our home. The artificial intelligence and machine learning are vital and continuing to get better everyday.

That’s why we believe these smart products are part of our everyday lives and future. And the list above is just part of our reviews on this particular smart home product.

An electric bulb (Incandescent or classical bulb) is an artificial source of light that occurs when passing through a thin filament heats the filament to the incandescent , which then begins to emit light. The light emission was actually caused by heat.

A glass balloon prevents the metal thread from coming into contact with the ambient air. The bulb has found wide application, both in domestic and industrial commercial use.

As the LED light bulb produces a fair amount of heat, it’s very popular for many purposes. For example, there are a lot of uses in chicken incubators.

Today the tendency of replacement of these bulbs with the so-called compact fluorescent maps, mainly due to less power consumption. Change old lighting in your home, apartment, business home, garden terrace and start saving in your energy bill.

You will save money because consume less energy and last more than standards. Many of them can last more than 25 000 hours and you can choose a warmer or cooler light and transparent or opaque bulbs.

A List of Top Best LED Light Bulbs for Home



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This affordable LED bulb E26 400 lumen (globe opal) is our top pick in this review. Why? The engineers at Swedish IKEA figured out a new way to use high-quality components for RYET LED light bulb by not increasing the price.

LOHAS 3-Way A21 LED Light Bulb 50/100/150W Equivalent

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Soft white equivalent bulb offer unbelievably mixture of lighting, and longevity. Generally this bulb is 25 000 hours in use and spend 10 watt.

Without any problems it works with all switches and during settings there is no boring sounds.

SleekLighting – GU24 23Watt 2700K 1600lm 2 Prong Light Bulbs

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It is more effective then Philips. In the 100 Wat replacement the best value. Globally it provide the best lighting that you had ever expected.

If you use it only 3 hours of day, it will go on your bill less then 2 dollars per day . Thanks to this bulb you will save a lot of money and the bulb will last you for several years

Cree Connected LED

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It have a strong specification of lighting and it is easy to use and provide strong, wide spectra of options and the best price, and with using this light it is proven connecting lighting.

Philips BR 30 Led Foodlight

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Philips as a well-known provide one of the best quality of lighting. On the other hand it is the most popular.

If you make decision the change classic bulb with some new Led , the Philips is the right choice. Popularity of Philips Led bulb are increasing every day

Cree TV 40W Equivalent Candelabra LED

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One of the less expensive possibility, but good quality. Prove good lighting. The price is between 5 and 7.

Consist on admixtures of halogens and fluorescent. In small dimension but very effective. According to many examination it is one of the most popular.

AmazonBasics 100 Watt Equivalent

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This A19 LED light bulbs by Amazon (Soft White 2700 Kelvin) generate a calm, yellowish glow for a warm, cozy feel. Its typical lifespan is up to 15,000 hours.

SYLVANIA 60W Equivalent, LED Light Bulb

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  • Lasts up to 10 Years
  • Save up to 85% on your electric bill

A List of the Best Smart Lights for Google Home and Mini

Being the technology leader, Google always brings innovative gadgets designed with new technologies. Today, we are here with a list of best smart lights for Google Home.

If you are using Google’s smart speaker I.e. Google Home which works with Google’s Assistant, then you can make use of the same Smart Speaker for turning on/ off the smart lights listed below. The following lights work best with Google Home smart speaker.

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Smart Bulb Starter Kit

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Philips has a huge range of lights and LED bulbs for millions of their consumers. The new Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance start kit are designed for the smart speaker users.

This range of smart bulbs works with Google’s Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant seamlessly.

Once you have setup bulbs properly inside your home, you can operate them using Google Home Smart Speaker.

To do things correctly, you have to use Philips Hue’s official app which is available for Android and iOS devices.


  • Trusted brand
  • Offers soft white lights
  • Simple installation process


  • Very expensive
  • Amazon

LIFX Smart Adjustable Dimmable LED Light Bulb

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LIFX is giving tough competition to other established brands like Philips with its range of smart LED light bulbs.

The new A19 Smart Adjustable LED Lightbulb from Lifx is one of the suitable options for the people who are searching for the smart LED bulbs.

This adjustable LED light bulb is compatible with Google Assistant. This means that you can operate this bulb using your Google Home Smart Speaker. The bulb is compatible with W-Fi connectivity.


  • Adjustable lights
  • Multicolour options
  • Easy to install
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant


  • HomeKit setup is frustrating
  • A little expensive
  • Amazon

Hive Active Light

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Hive has added new range smart LED bulbs to their LED lights catalogue and we have a list of new-generation smart lights from this brand. The new E27 Smart Bulb from Hive works with Hive hub.

It’s a smart LED bulb which comes with auto-adjustable options using the Hive Mobile app.

This is a white and full-colour bulb which can be controlled using Google Home Smart Speaker using Google Assistant. It is also compatible with other smart speakers. A user can set daily schedules using the mobile app or can give commands to lights using Google Home. The light will follow your commands.


  • White Color
  • Value for money product
  • Compatible with all smart speakers


  • Requires Hive Hub
  • Amazon

Sengled E11-G13W Smart LED Bulb

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Sengled offers a range of smart LED bulbs at affordable price tags for different types of consumers. The new Sengled E11-G13W Smart LED Bulb is compatible with Google Assistant. You can Control this bulb using Google Home Smart Speaker.

The LED bulb works with Sengled Mobile app which is available for free to use on Android and iOS smartphones.

You can also connect this bulb to Google Home or any other smart speakers. Once connected, you can control it using your voice commands.


  • Simple setup process
  • Cheap
  • Doesn’t require Sengled Hub


  • Lack of HomeKit Support
  • Amazon

Smart Light Bulb, AL Abovelights A19 E26 9W WiFi LED Smart Bulb

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Illuminate your home using the new AL Abovelights Smart Bulb. This smart bulb can be controlled using your Voice commands. It is compatible with with Amazon Alexa, Echo, and Google Home, voice commands to turn on/off, change colors, lightness and more, absolutely hands-free operation.

Interestingly, if you are using Google Home Smart Speaker, this LED bulb is compatible with it as well.

You can use the EUFYHome mobile app which is available for Android and iOS devices to control the lights.

You can also schedule timing to turn on/ off the lights. Bright white light illuminates the full home. It consumes very less energy compared to other LED bulbs.


  • Bright white light
  • Energy Saver
  • Easy setup
  • Works with Google Home and other Smart Speakers


  • Not compatible with Apple HomeKit
  • Amazon