Best Hammer Drill for Concrete

We are committed to research, test, and recommend the best products for you. Concrete is among the dense and super hard building material we have come across. As a result, you need the most elegant hammer drill to smoothly drill into all hard materials like stone, brick, and concrete.
A Hammer drill is a powerful tool, same as a regular drill but made with a bold action similar to a hammer. Its effectiveness and strength make it useful and dependable for DIYers. And without further ado, consider our below list to own a durable and top-quality hammer drill for concrete.

A Review List of Top 5 Best Hammer Drill for Concrete in 2021

1. Bosch SDS RH328VC best hammer drill for concrete

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(a) BPM – 4000
(b) Mass- 7.7 pounds
(c) Amps- eight
(d) RPM- 900
(e) Warranty- a full year

The Bosch is made with small size making it the perfect tool to get close to any surface when removing tiles. Besides, the eight-amp motor offers 4,000 BPM and 900 RPM and is superior to others related. Further, this hammer drill produces a three-speed reliable trigger, which puts the user in complete control.
However, this helps someone when drilling out the tiles where sometimes you require being more delicate. Additionally, this product reduces vibration in double-step procedures, starting with impact mechanism proceeding to progress in rubberized handle with shock fascination basics at the bottom and top.

(a) Come with a three-speed trigger
(b) Small compact size
(c) Made from top-quality materials
(d) Has two-step vibration controller
(a) Limited uses
(b) A bit pricey

2. DeWalt DW511 7.8-Amp top hammer drill for concrete

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(a) Warranty –three years limited
(b) RPM-2,700
(c) Mass- .3 pounds
(d) BPM- 46,000
(e) Amps- 7.8

You will love the versatility of this hammer drill. The user is comfortable switching between the standard or hammer drill, meaning drilling through a block of wood, metal, or masonry is possible and easy. Further, this hammer drill is corded, and this restricts it to all DIY enthusiasts. In essence, this hammer drill produces 2,700 RPM AND 46,000 BPM meaning it is no slouch.
Too, the drill is lightweight and weighs just 4.3 pounds. Among many, this product is top-rated as a reliable hammer drill that is comfortable to utilize for long times. Admirably, it is delivered with a useful handle that rotates around its neck, making it more versatile in all potions. This handle also makes the drill adaptable to suit into tight spaces you require.

(a) Very affordable
(b) Made with a multi-purpose handle
(c) Simple to use
(d) Lightweight
(a) The cord is a bit rested unless you get an extension cable
(b) Has limited power

3. Makita HR2475 rotary best hammer drill for concrete

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(a) Mass- 10.7 pounds
(b) RPM- 4,500
(c) Warranty- one year
(d) Amps- seven amps
(e) BPM- 4,500

Makita is among the big brands with respected names due to their strong products. This product features an active torque-limiting clutch, which automatically disengages the gears when the bit binds. As a result, this prevents the specific gear from damaging. Further, the tool is delivered with three active modes of operation, hammer, and hammer, with both rotations.
It is also made with an ergonomically designed “D” unique shape handled for excellent control and comfort. Otherwise, this tool is ideal for heavy-duty tasks and even best to drill rock.

(a) Torque-limiting clutch
(b) Quicker drilling
(c) Helpful handle
(d) Heavy-duty usage
(a) Has limited use
(b) Got limited drill attachments

4. Tacklife electric RPM hammer drill for concrete

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(a) Mass – 5.5 pounds
(b) Warranty -2-year
(c) Amps – six
(d) BPM- not stated
(e) RPM- 2,800

Many users love this corded hammer grill due to its versatility and simplicity to use. Further, it comes with a reliable speed trigger with an active lock function, which helps relieve the user’s finger’s stress. This tool also can switch to standard or hammer drill for versatility and got a depth gauge to increase the user’s work precision.
Essentially, it also comes with a 12-piece drill bit set which embraces hole saws. The drill will favor your bank account and help you improve your drilling skills. All around, many individuals have used this tool and give positive reviews about it. They talk about its effectiveness and faster to use tool, whey you try and see.

(a) Affordable
(b) Come with a keyed chuck
(c) Has accessory pack
(d) Best for beginners
(a) Feels cheaply made

5. Decker and black hammer drill for concrete ( 6.5 Amps Bedhd201)

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(a) Mass – 4.0 pounds
(b) RPM- 2,800
(c) Warranty- one year
(d) BPM- 48,000
(e) Amps- 6.5

This black and decker drill is the perfect home-environment hammer drill. It is too easy to operate, cheap, and versatile in all attributes that homeowners look for when getting a power tool. Essentially, this tool is designed to drill through metal, wood, and brick effectively.
This tool’s motor delivers 48,000BPM and 2,800 RPM, meaning it has no slouch. Further, the drill is an abundant entry-level model and comes with an active keyless chuck. You will love how lightweight this tool is; moving with it from place to place will not be a headache.

(a) Keyless chuck
(b) Powerful for heavy-duty tasks
(c) Simple to operate
(d) Lightweight
(a) Got one speed
(b) Not best to huge holes


Hammer drill is rated among the best reliable and useful tools you can purchase in your home. This tool works in almost all heavy construction with flexibility and offers excellent results. Our above guide has selected the durable and robust hammer drill recently in the market for you. Good luck