Top 10 Best Folding Dining Tables in 2018

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Are you looking a dining table that’s well fit in your small apartment room? Don’t worry anymore; we have come up with top choices for folding (or fold-able) dining tables for small spaces from which you can select a comfortable and spacious dining table for you, your family, and friend to use. With the best choices discussed below, you can have dinner relaxed on a splendid table and later after dinner you can save the space occupied during dinner time to use it for different purposes. This means that the tables we listed in this review can be folded after use or when they are not in use therefore maximizing the space of your small apartment making it to look substantial than usual by accommodating many facilities.

A List of Top 10 Best Folding Dining Tables in 2018

10. Extendable Space Saving Modern Table

Extendable Space Saving Modern TableThis modern dining table can be transformed to different form depending on the purpose at a given time. For instance, you can have it has a desk, console table, or a larger dining table for twelve seats. It is easy to use; you don’t require any additional skills to work with it. Has sliding rails which enables you to expand it or to fold it to any shape of interest easily. In addition the table has wheals on its legs thus you can move it around without any effort. You can find it at amazon and other shops at around $990.

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9. Holly and Martin Driness Drop Leaf table

Holly and Martin Driness Drop Leaf tableThe Holly and Martin drop-leaf table indicated above can accommodate between 4 and 6 seats. It has drop-leaf sides for purposes of transformation depending on the need. When additional space is required for other activities the leaf sides are dropped and when the table is required for dinner the leaf sides are supported. This table is usually weathered gray or white with a metal base and can support a weight of up to 84 lb with its leaf sides supporting 15 lb each.

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8. Lifetime 22301 Folding Square Card Table

Lifetime 22301 Folding Square Card TableThe Lifetime Folding Square table is ideal for small spaces. It is white, strong, and durable. What we also love about this folding table is it’s light, so it’s easy to carry or move around in the home. If you live in a small apartment and have no table other than a computer desk, this is the best option you can have. Its folded dimensions: 37″x37″x2.25″. Made in the U.S.A. What about the warranty? 10-year limited warranty.

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7. Flat Hinged Small Wall Table Set

The flat hinged wall table is 3 piece (two chairs and one table) and foldable. It is lightweight and portable thus can be moved, used, and stored anywhere safe whenever it is not in use. Its chair are foldable and whenever you what to create space you can fold them and stored them flat inside the folded table. When the table is folded it transforms to a wall shelf where you can store your book, or other things thus becoming more usable.

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6. Ikea Table and 4 chairs

The Ikea Table and 4 chairs is also another remarkable drop-leaf dining table which you can in your small apartment with compromising other activities and occupants. You can assemble it by supporting the leaf sides when you want to use it or drop them when its services are not required. The table is made of strong and flexible bamboo materials. It accommodates up to 4 seats.

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5. Adjustable Bistro Table

The Bistro table is designed with modern techniques suitable for small space to serve all across as a small coffee table to large dinner table by use of keys on its cast iron base. It has a welded center spindle which supports its flexibility from small to large heights.

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4. Oregon High Top dining set

The Oregon dining table is among the best folding dining tables for small spacescomes with 2-to-4 stools and is suitable for use in a small space kitchen. The table is tall and made of steel and bamboo. It height makes it to fit into a limited spec kitchen and its stools can be kept under it after and when not in use. It is suitable for small families.

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3. Oden table

Oden tables are also ideal for small kitchens and dining places. They are tall in size and have cabinets where you can store dinning things such table linens. Its stools can be pushed under the table where they fit when not in use to maximize space.

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2. Transforming coffee and dining table

Transforming coffee and dining tableIt is designed with rotating, foldable, and lockable legs which enables to transform from a small coffee table to a large dining table. It has 4-6 seats and can be moved easily since it has lockable wheels. When not in use, the table and its seats can be folded and stored to give space for other purposes.

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1. Dining table with storage

This specific dining table can fit small kitchen, office, or dining place. It has two shelves which are flexible to adjustments. Its chairs are designed to fit into either sides and can be accessed when there is need. The table creates more space in your kitchen, office or dining place by offering shelves where you can store your cookbooks, ingredients, food, and other accessories. It costs about $429.

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Visit your favorite online shop such as Amazon.com and get one of the flexible and foldable dining tables for small spaces discussed above to maximize space in your small apartment. Having some nice folding tables in your sweet home makes it more convenient and to make the table more portable. Typically, most folding tables are made of lightweight materials to further increase portability. Therefore, when buying a good folding table, you should look for innovative designs, lightweight and durable, so that you can enjoy the perfect place for family and friends to gather together.


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