Best Ethernet Surge Protectors

Ethernet surge protectors have become a necessity in our day-to-day internet usage. This is basically because lightning may strike, sending destructive electrical surges across the power line. The electrical surges are so powerful that they cause irreparable destruction to all connected electronics, routers and modems.

Networking equipment can be fried and destroyed, especially the strong electrical spikes. To help you protect your network machines from getting “fried” because of the power surges, get a devoted protector. Having a protector is considered a need rather than a want.

Features to Look for When Buying an Ethernet Surge Protector

Easy to Install – If you are not tech-savvy or you are not conversant with network devices, get yourself an easy to setup protector. Most RJ45 Protectors available on the market are easy to set up.

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Strong Casing – Ensure that you purchase a protector that has a strong casing especially if you need an outdoor Ethernet Surge protector.

Lightweight – This is especially so if you need a protector that you can carry around.

1000M Base – T Ethernet Networks – Nowadays, most networking devices operate At Gigabit speeds. Ensure that you purchase a device that will be compatible with 1000 Base-T networks.

Mountable – Purchase a network protector that can be mounted especially when the available physical space is limited.

With the information above, you are guaranteed of an easy time when purchasing an ethernet surge protector. All you need to do is choose one that will meet all your needs and give you value for money.

Choosing the Best Ethernet Surge protector on the market can be tricky because there are a variety of them available on the market. Yes, this is a low-cost device, but that does not warrant you to purchase just any other unit you come across.

It is imperative to remember that the Ethernet cables connect to very expensive devices that may get “fried” in case of a power surge. For this reason, investing in the Best Ethernet Surge protector is key.

A List of Top 5 Best Ethernet Surge Protectors

1. Qooltek ST-NET Protector

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This protector is a 65g device that has been craftily designed with a RJ45 easy to setup interface. It features a 7.5 inch grounding system wire, a 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet connectivity. Also It has a 10.0kAmps Peak Current Normal Mode and a 5.0kAmps under Peak Current Common Mode. Qooltek offers an easy-to-understand networking sketch to help you with the connection.

The device has been built with a cast aluminum that is highly durable and provides great insulation resistance. The Surge response is 1 nanosecond, and you can be assured that your electronic equipment is well protected. The Qooltek ST-NET protector is very affordable.

2. WatchfulEyE Ethernet PoE Protector

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The WatchfulEyE Ethernet PoE protector helps protect your electronic equipment that may be located in different areas of your house against detrimental power surges. It features an inbuilt Gas Discharge Tube and a Transient Voltage Suppression as protective elements. This two-step protection mode helps minimize the strength of power surges.

This device from WatchfulEyE is easy to set up whether at home or in your office. It is compatible with 10/100/1000 Base-T networks and Cat6 networking cables. With the WTH-SG/RJ45-S you are guaranteed of hassle-free and easy (Direct in Line Plug-in) installation.

3. RiteAV Outdoor Protector

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The device is built to offer protection against devices that are installed outdoors such as webcams and other network surveillance equipment. It is an easy to set up device that features a RJ45 interface. Also it features a grounding system, a compact external casing and weighs about 45 grams.

The RiteAV features a spark gap tube that reduces the risk of explosion and overheating in case of a power surge. You do not require this device if you do not have outdoor network equipment.

4. Tupavco TP302 Protector

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The TP302 from Tupavco comes with many functionalities and features that include; a lightning arrestor, data transfer if 1GB per second and also protect power-supply devices connected to the network against power surges. Also, it offers both Line-Line and Line-Ground protection to help prevent short circuits between nodes in the network and between nodes and the earth respectively.

Regardless of the side the network devices are connected to, the TP302 provides multi-directional power surge protection. The device comes with a mounting flange for mounting and it is highly recommended that you get one of these TP302 protectors for each network node if your network communication devices are many.

5. APC 11-Outlet Ethernet Surge Protector

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This device comes with features that most users look out for when purchasing an Ethernet Surge protector. This model comes with 11 power outlets that provide uninterruptible supply to your cabling system. It features a 3020-joules power strip that offers the required durability to the system. Also, It comes with an awesomely designed power cord with a 180 degrees pivot for easy mounting.

The device is built in a brilliant looking way and will be a great addition to your office or home space. The company offers a lifetime equipment protection warranty policy after purchase.