Best Electric Bikes for Hills [2021]

Electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, are regular bicycles with added electrical components. They have a motor that helps in moving you along, a rechargeable battery, and a controller. Electric bikes for hills make it possible to climb as far as possible without getting tired. The extra motor power allows you to conquer an elevation where you use less energy to arrive at the top or bottom. Also, your pedaling efforts will match the power help produced by the bicycle. So, if you want to cycle in a place with the rising ground, consider buying the best electric bike for hills.

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A LIst of Top 5 Best Electric Bike for Hills in 2021

Ancheer 20mph electric bike

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A well-built bike that shoots up the hills and gets you there quickly with a speed of 20mph. Also, it is smooth hence, allowing you to ride on rugged terrain. Mountain bikers choose it for hill-climbing since it has a top-speed motor of 350w to sustain you while riding.

It has a durable 36V 10.4 Ah Lithium-Ion battery that is attached to the electric bicycle frame. Note that the battery is detachable and has usability of 40 miles per charge. Ancheer 20mp electric bike has a long-life span since it is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. Thus, the material used to make it allows you to ride fast on an elevated surface.

When you want to perform an exercise on steep ground, consider using Ancheer 20mph since you can use it without training. Hence, ride it with less work on the pedals in an urban or trail environment.


  • Large battery capacity which is easy to charge
  • It is designed for both medium and tall people
  • Has strong braking system for any stops


  • Its saddle might be uncomfortable while riding

Speedrid Folding electric bikes

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With a motor of 500W, this bike has hill-climbing power that is outstanding. Speedrid is an electric bike that is suitable for commuters who ride through a raised ground. Also, it is known as a cruise in the mountain since its speed ranges of 15-17mph will allow you to ride fast in the hills.

When you are using this bike, you don’t have to worry about slipping since it has ultra-strong wheels. Therefore, you can comfortably cycle in hills since safety is enabled by the 26-inch magnesium alloy integrated into the wheels. Also, after reaching your destination, you can remove your battery and let it recharge for later use.

Notably, when the battery is fully charged, you can use it for about 22 miles without charging. Also, speed is enhanced by a 36V motor that is attached to the electric bike.


  • It is capable of climbing hills for minutes without pedaling
  • Offers easy assembling and servicing
  • 3 modes that save the battery while it is in use


  • Throttle mode can fail on slopes forcing you to pedal

Hicient electric hill bike

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Finding a bike that has top-notch traditional capabilities and added electrical features for climbing hills might be stressful. However, Hicient allows any hill biker whether old or young to sail through the toughest places of the journey without obstacles. Also, it has a motor of 36V 250W that increases the power for riding in elevated regions.

While cycling in a steep place, you can use it’s 21-speed gear and brakes for proper shifting and braking. Additionally, if you are taking a long ride, its three riding modes of pure electric, assisted and normal bike will allow you to enjoy your travel.

When riding downhill, the low center of gravity and motor position enables stability and agility hence, you can’t fall easily.


  • Durability due to the high-quality materials used
  • Has adjustable seats
  • Long-life battery
  • Powerful motor for smooth journeys


  • Expensive to maintain
  • Lacks fenders for protection against dirt and splashes

Swagcycle EB5 folding electric bike

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Fully embrace riding through the hills for fun, exercising, or commuting with a folding electric bike. Swagcycle EB5 folding bike is a lightweight bike hence it is simple to carry when packing after your hill-climbing ride is over.

Another benefit of this bike is that it comes preassembled thus, you do not have to worry about building it yourself. Also, it is among the best electric bike for hills since it has a powerful battery stored in a compact bag.

You can choose this bike for raised surfaces since the wheels are well fastened on the frame using strong bolts.


  • Folding frame capability
  • Top speed of 15mp/h
  • Flexibility from the height-adjustable seats


  • Lack of integrated lights


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Taking a ride with this bike brings out a natural experience. Hence, Angotrade consumes low power, less motor friction, and a small capacity battery that improves its efficiency.

Also, it takes hill-climbing to another level since it enables you to use less effort in pedaling despite its 20kgs weight. Thus, its effectiveness is enhanced by a 250W motor that is integrated into the bike’s frame.

When you are cycling through the hills, your battery can last up to 5 hours, and recharging it takes about 4 hours. Riding downhills feels smooth and safe since Angotrade is made of a stiff frame.


  • Can ride at 25-35mp/h
  • Efficient speed for hill climbing
  • Has a natural ride feel
  • Outstanding user experience


  • Constant maintenance is required


When you are going on a ride or a weekend adventure, consider using an electric bike for hills. They are more reliable than the regular bikes. Why? Because they offer excellent cycling positions for climbing. Thus, hills are more manageable with such bikes due to the powerful motors that are attached to the frames. Enjoy steep hills by buying an electric bicycle that suits your preferences and riding purpose.