Best Chicken Coops in 2018

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What is chicken coop?

It is a place or house where female hen live. Her chicken also live with her safely. They can sleep there, eat there and take rest. Chicken coops may be the small version as like our living home or like a room. A chicken coops contains free space inside it. We can spread dry wood strip or straw on its floor. It has a door through which hens can go in or out. The floor coverings should be changed and replaced weekly. We use lock to protect the birds inside it. It is done for their safety. In a coops there should be a place to feed them and watering them. Birds get protection by the coops from weather. Weather may be overheated or cold for them. The coops helps to maintain a constant temperature for them. Moreover coops protect them from rain water, strong wind flow and so on. They are also kept safe from foreign animals who can make harm to them. So, find if you have those types of birds. Please do not be late. See our products 5 best chicken coops and have one for your home. Chicken coops are not only for the safety issues of your birds, but also it increases the beauty of your home. Moreover it helps you to decorate your dream house.

Now I am going to show the 5 best chicken coops.

1. Wood colored two storied coop

This coop is very nice to look at. This is high from the earth which protect birds from pastes comes from soil. And it remains dry. It has nested area. In that area birds can move without going outside. So they are completely safe. It is very easy to clean. Wood is used to make the coop.

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2. Slope roof chicken

This is almost similar to previous one. It has some Extra specialty. This is water proof. And some change in design from the previous one. Price of the coop is 187.99 USD.

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3. Nest box chicken coops

This is waterproof color. Small in size. The difference from above item is, we cannot open its roof. We can remove its floor to clean. It has two doors. Price is 159.99 USD.

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4. Green color chicken coop

This is very nice in color. And very attractive to look at. It will increase the beauty of your house. Price for this very nice, cute and beautiful coops is only 219.99 USD.

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5. Large leg chicken coop

Very nice coop with a wired window. Price is 139.99 USD

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There are many reasons we keep hens in our home. They produce meat and eggs. Which are tasty to eat. Both are necessary and good for health. And a big supplier of protein. They are very calm and easy to maintain. They can be a good pet also. Kids like them so much. They feel very happy when see hen or chicken. Chirping of chicken is harmonious to hear. Beside resolving the family diet it can be a source of earning also by producing eggs and meat. Beside these they need very little amount of food for their survival. We get ready food for them from market at a cheap rate. They also can collect their food from nature by taking small insects. Their wastage can be used to produce bio gas. We can use biogas for cooking. It saves our environment from pollution.

There are so many advantages of keeping hen and chicken to our home. But, you must be careful about one thing. They can be attacked by other animals like dogs, snakes, goose ets. Fox is their main enemy. On the other hand make sure to keep them safe from illness. Which can be created from weather or germs. That’s why to make 100% surety of safe to this helpful birds, the chicken coops are mandatory. So, no more time loss, see our products, choose one and buy. Be happy…

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