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Top 10 Best Cheap IKEA Products [2020]

In memory of IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad, we created this list of the top 10 best affordable IKEA items you can buy. We’ve spent hours browsing the IKEA online catalogs, roaming the IKEA store, and read some of the best online reviews about the products. There are many IKEA products you don’t have much time to choose. But this is a list we produced after hours of research. The aim is to help you easily find the best, affordable IKEA furniture like a table or lighting product like a lamp.

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A List of Top 10 Best Cheap IKEA Products [2020]

1. BILLY Bookcase

Made for book lovers who live in a small apartment, this BILLY Bookcase is one of IKEA’s signature products. Since it was first developed in 1979 by a Swedish designer, Billy bookcase is still one of the best in the world.

The size is made perfect for a small bedroom apartment. The size is 15 3/4x11x41 3/4″. You can easily assemble the flat-pack form.
Easy to clean
Small enough to move and place at the ideal corner
Not like
Hard to mention

Altra Quinton Point Bookcase

2. IKEA LURVIG Collapsible Cat or Dog House

Altra Quinton Point BookcaseSo you’ve got a cute cat? Built for cat lovers, LURVIG cat house on legs is a form of expression of the cat owner and the cute cat. You can be sure that your cat feel warm and safe. That’s what it matters.
100% polyester-made material
Not like
Only available in one black color

3. IKEA – ROTERA Lantern For Tealight

Altra Quinton Point BookcaseOne of the best things to have in your bedroom or your house, this classic lantern adds a cozy feel to your home. You can put this on the window of the bedroom, and it looks just darling. In most cases, you’d find that buying one Rotera Lantern For Tealight is not enough.
Not like

4. IKEA FORSA Classic Style Work LAMP

Altra Quinton Point BookcaseIf you’re looking for a way to bright up your room, the IKEA FORSA Classic Style Work LAMP is a great lamp for reading by the desk, bed or sofa.

The adjustable lamp arm and head gives you the flexibility to direct the light to where you want. This IKEA lamp is strong and sturdy.

Overall, this is the best product for those who spend a lot of time working or reading at night.
Classic style
Not like
Dome can get hot

5. IKEA Strandkrypa Duvet Cover and Pillowcases

Altra Quinton Point BookcaseFirst thing first, when it comes to cover and pillowcases, we all love 100% cotton. This is the ultimate reason we list this IKEA Strandkrypa Duvet Cover and Pillowcases in this review.

Its softness is super comfortable for a good night sleep. The floral pattern is vintage and simply beautiful. Great design and good price.
Designer: Helle Vilen
Not like
Very thin

6. IKEA Frakta Storage Bag

Altra Quinton Point BookcaseFrakta Storage Bag blue with yellow zippers is probably one of IKEA’s signature products. It’s easily recognizable if you’ve been to an IKEA warehouse. It’s really useful to load any items. You can use them to store or transport clothes.
Very cheap
Not like
Size can be smaller than Stick with Ziploc Flexible totes

7. IKEA Tejn faux sheepskin

Altra Quinton Point BookcaseSoft, warm and cozy, you can place on your favorite armchair in your living room. It adds extra comfortness and beauty to your seat.
Made from faux sheepskin
Not like
Can not dryclean

8. IKEA Side Table

A few things you cannot overlook this side table is that it’s lightweight, easy to move, and very cheap. You can easily assemble by yourself. The IKEA Side Table is a nice piece for someone on a budget needing furniture.
Simply beautiful
Not like
Not very durable

Altra Quinton Point Bookcase

9. IKEA Jansjo LED Clamp Spotlight

Altra Quinton Point BookcaseA super slim and lightweight, the IKEA Jansjo LED Clamp Spotlight is an ideal choice in a small room and move to wherever you need light.
Adjustable arm
Not like
Neck is to short for much versatility

10. IKEA Ribba 5×7 Picture Frame

Altra Quinton Point BookcaseA simple, beautiful photo frame, the IKEA Ribba can add extra beauty to your living room wall.

How about having your favorite pictures in these frames and hang them on the wall? This black color border frame makes your picture more outstanding.
Easily fit in the space available
Not like

Good to Know

Not just a household name for moms, dads and most people all over the world, the IKEA makes great quality products for most people. Another factor is that there are just many affordable IKEA items we can buy.

If this is your first time to get an IKEA item for your sweet home, we’d recommend that you try out a variety of items. We created this list for only IKEA because it’s one of the most reputable company that makes amazing products for years. A lot of people who have IKEA items in their home, they prefer to have this brand wherever they move.

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