Top 10 Best Ceiling Mounted Storage Racks

A garage is a place where it is difficult to remain spotless and bright for a long time. Everyone begins to keep the garage room bright and impeccable. And some reasons, the wide use of instruments makes his room messy, elegant, and chaotic after a while. So is there any way to maintain an important separation from these stupid problems? Car parking spaces are there to balance your messy garage with a clean appearance.

The best ceiling mounted storage racks are essential for simple home office.

A List of Top 10 Best Ceiling Mounted Storage Racks

1. Fleximounts high performance overhead garage storage rack

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Give your parking lot the really important change and consideration, because the Fleximount splitter garage frame is to convey a not so bad involvement in the protection of your instruments and various things. It incorporates a grid of planned grids that works with a relentless and extreme edge that is connected to loose cables, so you suspect with every use that everything is fine, good and healthy.

  • Heavy duty cold-rolled steel build
  • Stable and sturdy
  • 22” to 40” ceiling dropdown
  • Dimensions: 96 in. L x 48 in. W x 22-40 in. H

2. Fleximounts Roof Shelves

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Water damage is not a nuisance that can really damage your instruments and equipment in the parking lot. This parking space rack is designed to store your machines by keeping them on the roof and away from the water. It incorporates a strong and secure structure, where you get an elevated frame with longer segments in a roof and six vertical posts, a whole that is insured is intense and safe.

  • Integrated grid design for easy assembly
  • Cold-rolled 14 gauge steel made rack
  • Hold up to 600 pounds

3. Garage Storage NewAge Gray Wall Mount

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The NewAge Garage Rack is an ideal storage solution to give your car park a cleaner, cleaner look. It complements the commitment to organize and store your equipment in a cost effective manner. It has a size of 96 “x 48” x 45 “, which is exceptionally large for most instruments, and the use of high quality materials with powder-coated paint prevents rust and scratches from occurring.

  • Soft-close hinges on fully-lockable doors
  • Easy-to-grab handles
  • A mountable light valance

4. SafeRacks High-performance Roof Shelves

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It stays on the roof and gives you more space to work better. The Safe Racks rack is a champion among the most powerful models on the market and has a mobile case length for greater versatility. The use of the latest evaluation materials and the refinement with a powder coating guarantee daily safe and similar work.

  • Easy step-by-step instructions
  • Industrial strength with a powder coat finish
  • Heavy duty

5. Monsterrax Sturdy Wall Shelf for Overhead Garages

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In most cases there is not enough space in our garage, as working with instruments and machines requires a lot of space. The MonsterRax Garage Storage is ideal for using wasted space, expanding the space for easy work.


  • Holds up to 600 Pounds
  • Easy to install (with good to follow instruction)
  • Strong and sturdy


  • Poor shipping


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Fleximount is a reliable partner in the field of parking and this is a piece that surprises the life and ease of use and makes sure to do what needs to be done. The arrangement gives your car park a clear appearance and increases the free space by an impressive amount.


  • Scratch-resistant powder coat finish
  • Strong, high quality steel
  • Very easy to install


  • May not be compatible with your overhead storage

7. FLEXIMOUNTS High Performance Roof Rack

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If you leave your implements on the ground, this is extremely unbalanced to find them for later use. Confidence and endurance of Fleximount is made in this storage rack depends on the ceiling and made of safe materials and high values. It contains a grid structure that is detected quickly and successfully.


  • High quality screws
  • Heavy duty cold-rolled steel build
  • Easy to install


  • Not very sturdy

8. Bigbear Iron Heavy Duty Garage Warehouse on the Roof

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If you pay an unusual personality to a storage rack model that can effectively carry large weights, Bigbear Iron is emphatically a champion among the best for the occasion. The storage frame has a maximum weight of 300 kg and the proximity of 6 legs makes it incredibly unsafe and safe. Similarly adaptive height from 24 “to 36” length from 52 “to 98” in the frame is given to the utility.


  • Heavy duty: over 1000 lbs
  • Adjustable height & length
  • Good values for the price


  • Not so easy to assemble

9. FLEXIMOUNTS Adjustable Roof Garage Shelves 4 × 8

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The least used or standard in the garage, as often as possible rigging leaves dizziness and promotes full and damage to instruments distortion. Under these circumstances, Fleximount Overhead Garage Rack becomes the sacred messenger of your vigilante, as it ensures that your instruments and away from moisture are unwanted creatures like the terrible way.


  • Stable and sturdy
  • High quality screws


  • Not heavy duty

10. SafeRacks 4 × 8 Rack Package with Hooks for Accessories

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The SafeRack Adaptive Storage Rack is an attractive item that has perfect utility and suitability. The height can be changed from 24 “to 4”, which makes it more versatile to use continuously, and the matter is transmitted in a single unit for transparency and less difficult social problem. It also incorporates a SafeRack patent arrangement that makes it a durable and durable storage rack that can undiscovered easily from a stretch of fancy.


  • Holds 600 pounds: heavy duty
  • A limited lifetime warranty


  • Installation with instruction: needs some efforts