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Top Best Bunk Beds for Kids [2020]

Along with a creative furniture for kids, a bunk bed is a special thing in a happy home. In our modern world, introducing our kids to the concept of sharing is essential. Why the best bunk beds are so essential? Kids love adventures even in their own homes. There are many choices when it comes to buying a bunk bed. In this list, you’ll find our selection of the top rated bunk bed and loft beds for kids:

  • bunk beds with stairs
  • with full stairway
  • made from wood or stainless steel
  • for small rooms
  • safest bunk beds designed for children

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A List of Top 12 Best Bunk Beds for Kids [2020]

Bedz King stairway bunk bed

Bedz King stairway bunk bed

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This product is sophisticated and built with high quality strong wood. It also contains three drawers with a lot of storage space, three step stairway, four side rails and four guard rails as well.

  • 62 inches high, 42 inches deep and 102 inches wide
  • Made from Solid Brazilian Pine from sustainable plantations

Mission twin over twin

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This bunk bed will surely make you popular among your kids since it is beautifully designed and manufactured with solid wood. It accommodates an 8 inch mattress which comes along with the bed.

  • 6 drawers, two rails, 2 rail guards
  • 2 headboards and a two step stairway

Twin over full stair stepped bed

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Mainly aimed for little girls and it comes in different colors- white being the most proffered by the customers. It contains a lot of storage space for storing clothes and even toys and also contains three drawers as well.

  • Mattresses not included
  • Rustic style
  • Solid wood with trend-lock ends for added strength

Colombia Staircase bunk bed

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The best feature of this bed is that it can be converted into two separate beds. It uses a mattress measurement of 9 and a half inch.

  • 103*58.4*68.1 inches
  • weighs about 479 pounds

Stair step bunk bed

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Looking for the best furnished bed for your kids? It has a merlot finish to it and it is suitable for both boys and girls.

  • A three drawer bunk pedestal
  • A lot of space between the two beds

Twin doll house stair step loft

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It is most preferred by girls since it will seem like they are living in a doll house of their own. Even though can be converted into a loft, it does not have a bottom bunk.

  • 99 inches in length and 93 in height and 41 in width
  • Solid wood construction
  • Mattress ready
  • European roller glide drawers

Bedz king twin over full stairway bunk bed

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This is a very sophisticated, strongly built bed and it is most ideal for boys. It contains twin trundles and the stairs are non slippery. There is a 38 inch space between the two beds and they jump up and down without having to worry about bumping their heads.

Twin over full Loft bed

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This model of bunk bed is the best-sellers. It can be availed at an affordable price and is made with plain strong wood with merlot finish is also highly durable.

Staircase bunk with trundle

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It is strongly built and even grownups can sleep in it. It also contains a lot of storage space and it is also made with a lead free material making it safe and secure for every user.

  • Height: 70 inches, length: 104 inch and width: 44.5 inch
  • Built in modesty panel and assembled staircase

IKEA Twin Size Loft bed frame with desk top

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This model has been purchased by many customers and we have received lots of positive feedback from them.

  • Loft bed frame: durable steel that will last for years

Donco Kids Twin Mission Blue Tent Loft Bed with Slide

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With a special play tent underneath, kids will find it a place to play and learn.

  • Made from Brazilian pine wood
  • 78 in. W x 42 in. D x 43 in. H (92 lbs.)
  • A special play tent underneath
  • Sturdy and easy for parents to assemble

ASPEN TREE INTERIORS Twin Over Twin Mission Bed Bunkbeds

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If you’ve got a small room and need extra spare bunk when friends sleep over, you should consider this beautiful Twin Over Twin Mission Bunk Beds from Aspen Tree Interiors.

  • Made from solid wood for strength and stability
  • No press wood, no inferior imports, no cutting corners
  • Mattresses and bedding are not included.

Good to Know

Sharing is caring! Be it chocolates or chips or even beds, sharing is always considered as caring. As parents, the best way of giving it to them is to gift them a bunk bed. When your kids sleep alone in their own separate rooms, they tend to become lonely without any interaction with the siblings or with their own parents.

But when you assign the kids in one bedroom by providing with a unique and a creative bunk bed, they are more likely to share their like and dislikes and play with each other and also share the deepest secrets with their sister or brother. They can have a reassurance that they are not alone. This will also help in interacting with their friends in school. We believe that this list of the best bunk beds for kids will help you make an easier decision.

The Best bunk bed with stairs might turn out to be their adventure to your little kids. Climbing up and down the stairs, playing their own games will definitely create a sense of adventure in them.