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Top 10 Best Building Blocks for Toddlers (2020)

Are you aware that toddlers also get bored when watching cartoons? Well, there is the best option that can engage your little ones for several hours away from screens. That option is having the best building blocks which are user-friendly. We’ve sampled the best building blocks for toddler with big sizes, bright colors and smooth edges and are perfect for imagination during active play. The products will encourage manual manipulation, as well as, color recognition at early age. Don’t doubt them since they are all non-toxic. Have several of them today and they will help your toddlers to develop their gross motor skills.

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A List of Top 10 Best Building Blocks for Toddlers in 2020

Melissa & Doug Jumbo Cardboard Blocks

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These durable Jumbo cardboard blocks are right here ready for your kids to make fun with them. They’re well made to hold up to 150 pounds. Your kids will like the bright and colorful graphics since they’ll spark creativity. The lightweight design will enable your loved kids to stack them easily. The surfaces are easy to clean. Suitable gift for ages between two to five and they will have screen-free fun. Surprise them today.

SainSmart Jr. Wooden ABC Blocks 40PCS Stacking Blocks

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The numbers and mathematical symbols will make your kids have endless screen-free fun. They are extra-large blocks which feature rounded edges to ensure there is no accidental scratch. Furthermore, they will ensure your kids with small hands can be able to grab, sort, stack and build. There are 32 alphabet with capital letter and lower case and 8 counting to engage your little ones. These are what you need for your little ones and they’ll improve problem solving skills.

24pc Jumbo Blocks – Beginner Set

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Do you need something that can enhance cognitive development for your children? Yes, the Jumbo building blocks are here for your kids. The blocks have everything from symmetry, balance, sizes, color and sizes. Your kids will receive beneficial physical exercises which are ideal for staying healthy and strong. With the unlimited designs, you kids will have endless play possibilities to build and tear down for hours to come.

Little Tikes Big Waffle Block Set – 18 pieces

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It is now the right time to engage your kids both indoors and outdoors with these building blocks. These classic big waffle blocks will securely fit together and they will help your little builders to construct for several hours to come. Their snap together giant waffle blocks are ideal for building a castle and anything that your kids can imagine. Yours little builders will love the lightweight design and they will use them for unlimited configuration.

Maple Wood Kids Building Blocks

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The classic shape and colors make these building blocks perfect gift for toddlers, babies and preschoolers. The products will bring children together and they can enjoy a world of architecture. Products come with a durable cotton bag to keep the blocks together. Also, your builders can carry the items around the house for outdoor fun. Made of wood and finished with non-toxic details. Rest assured that these blocks are built to last.

SainSmart Jr. 100Piece Wooden Building Blocks

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These are children building blocks made to inspire kids. Your little kids will build imaginary tower, house, fences, castles and other things up. These stacking blocks will bring kids together and offers several hours of imaginative fun. They are made to improve problem solving skills. The non-toxic water-based paint and the non-sharp edges will give you peace of mind. Best choice for your kids and they will love them because they’re easy to build and funny to play.

40pc Jumbo Blocks – Big City Playset

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The Jumbo wheel blocks features easily attachable wheels. The included axles will make fun more enjoyable. The two different sizes will offer your kids several hours of building symmetry, different shapes and much more. Sturdy wheels and tow bars offer an added structural support and also ensure that no parts get left behind. Promote yours kids’ motor skills by gifting them with these building blocks.

Build Me STEM Brick Building Blocks

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Here is another building block that features life-like red brick toys and they look like real bricks. The products are soft and safe your kids. Perfect for building forts, houses, walls, and roads, furthermore, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Big kids and toddlers will love using the products and can be easily be wiped clean with a sponge after use. The bricks are softer than wood and the edges are smooth and won’t scratch floors or furniture.

PicassoTiles PTB120 120pcs

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Grab these frustration free building blocks for your kids and they will absolutely love the illusive colors. Yours kids will develop a strong sense of structures, colors and geometrical shapes which includes number counts. The 120 pieces are perfect enough for building castles up to any height which your kids prefer. Your kids will enjoy more than 20 creative designs from these bristle shape block construction toys. Gift these education toys to your kids today.

ECR4Kids SoftZone Foam Big Building Blocks

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Here comes another soft play blocks ready to take your kids creativity to the next level. The products come in three sizes making them perfect for daycares, preschools, or stacking at home. When your kids play with these products, they will develop dexterity, fine, as well as, gross motor skills. Also, they are perfect for creativity, spatial reason, and other sensory skills. The colorful design will stimulate your little children mind and encourage to identifying colors at early ages.


The above soft and durable building blocks come in perfect colors and designs to engage your kids for several hours. These products will last more than cardboard because they won’t get crushed and at the same time ensuring toddler’s wellbeing. They will also stimulate your kid’s creativity and stacking skills. Toddlers of all ages will love these building blocks. Try them today.