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Top 10 Best Betta Fish Tanks in 2018

Betta fishes can live in an aquarium with a minimum size of 2.5 gallons and also the basic stuff such as filter and a pump. This kind of fish doesn’t require special needs, making it easy for you to take care of it. In this list, you’ll find our recommendation of top 10 best tanks betta fishes you can buy.

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A List of The Best Tanks for Betta Fishes in 2018

10. Tetra L.E.D Half Moon-Betta Aquarium

Tetra L.E.D Half Moon-Betta Aquarium


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This tank can be used as a temporary place for your Betta to live. It doesn’t have filter and a pump, but it is affordable and convenient. It is a clear plastic half-moon shaped aquarium which has LED light that can be used from above or below.

  • The dimensions are 4.6 x 9.1 x 9.9 inch
  • The price is just $13

9. Fluval Spec III-Aquarium Kit

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Small and convenient, this tank is perfect for small offices and rooms. It has mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. Also the 31 LED lights emphasize your fish in a beautiful way.

  • The dimensions are 11.8 x 10.8 x 8.7 inches
  • The price is $50.

8. Marineland-Contour Glass-Aquarium Kit


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This beautiful tank features rail light, 3-step filtration system and holds up to 3 gallons of water. It is stylish and convenient. The price is also great.

  • The dimensions are 12 x 12 x 12.5 inches
  • At just about $50

7. Fluval-View Aquarium – 4-Gallon

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It features a light, plastic body with removable cover. That’s a low budget tank which suits your Betta’s needs. It has integrated pump, filter and lightning. The aquarium is equipped with low voltage power supply, 10 white and 1 blue bulbs for highlighting your small creature. This tank is convenient and cheap.

  • Its dimensions are 15 1/4″H x 9″D x 17 1/4″ W
  • The price is $45.

6. Tetra-LED Cube Shaped-3 Gallon Aquarium with Pedestal-Base

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This tank is perfect for a tropical fish such as Betta. It holds 3 gallons of water which is nice for the habitat of this fish. It is also equipped with Tetra 3i filter which keeps the water clean and is perfect for small fishes. The tank also has LED light, making it fancy and highlighting your fish. The lid has a handy feeding hole.

  • The dimensions are 10″ D x 10″W x 10.512″H
  • The price is $42

5. Tetra-Crescent Acrylic-Aquarium Kit – 5 gallon

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This is one of the best-looking tanks on the market. It features Mechanical filter that catches the debris and waste in a cartridge. The best thing is that this tank uses Activated carbon which removes odor and discoloration.

  • The dimensions are 16.6 x 11.2 x 13.2 inches
  • The price is $49

4. KollerCraft 6.5-Gallon Aquarium-Kit

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This is one of the best tanks for its price. It has important features so your Betta can live there comfortably. It’s a 6.5 gallon semi-hex kit. The tank features A.P.I SUPERCLEAN 10 Power Filter which makes the water crystal clean. The filter also removes any odors and discolorations of the water. It has LED lighting with 7 colors and makes your room an interesting place.

  • The dimensions are 11 x 18 x 12.5 inches
  • The price is only 36$.

3. EcoQubeC-Aquarium – Desktop Betta-Fish Tank

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This tank features self-cleaning system which allows for low maintenance. It also has lighting effects, powerful filter and natural plants.

  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5 x 9 in
  • Price starts at $99

2. Fluval-10531A1 SEA-EVO XII Aquarium-Kit

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This is a stylish and modern place for your fish to live. It features powerful 3-stage filtration system that ensures that the water remains as clean as it can be. The tank has multi-functional canopy with easy-feed door so you wont waste time trying t adjust the door to replace the feed. The casing is sleek aluminum which ensures maximum durability and features touch lights for day and night environment.

  • It is a 13.5 gallon tank with dimensions: 22 x 11.5 x 15 inches
  • The price is $143.

1. Tetra 20-Gallon Complete-Aquarium Kit

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The best aquarium in our list features UL heater. Of notable mention is the customizable LED lights that enable you to choose an LED light based on the ambience as well as your personal interests, Tetra Whisper 20 Filter and is the perfect place for your Betta fishes to live. It is big enough and has scratch-resistant glass.

  • The dimensions are 24.2″ L x 12.4″ W x 16.7″ H
  • The price starts at $119

Good to Know

There are actually many choices, but after our research, talks with experts, and tests, we can conclude that this list offers you a variety of options in term of qualities, sizes, prices, and the nice designs.

Betta fish is a small beautiful creature that is perfect for your home aquarium. Also known as Siamese fighting fishes, these beautiful creatures and home pets love to live in clean water. It’s advisable that you regular clean the tank or use a proper filter to maintain water quality. Having the best tanks, you create an environment in which your Betta can flourish: living a happy and healthy life. To decide which tank to buy, you should first consider the tank size that fits in your living room.